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Is safe?

This page has an HTTP or SSL security seal, registered by the company Let’s Encrypt, valid until January 26, 2023. The security seal or green padlock alone does not guarantee the trustworthiness of a website, but it is a minimum requirement these days. To be sure, check all the information on the website.

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How do you know if is trustworthy?

Make your purchase, access, or registration decision based on the results of the review we conduct. Below are some tips to help you understand the information better:

Registration period: Always give preference to companies that have been in the market for a long time. Fraudulent websites often have a short lifespan.
Cloned websites: Always make sure that the website is not trying to impersonate another website. Check if the website logo matches the URL. Cloned websites use different domains. Our link checker reduces the chance of you landing on a site with so many 99% web scams;
Reputation: Paying attention to the experiences of other customers can help you spot fraudulent websites. Always prefer sites with a good reputation.
Types of domains: The most popular domains in Brazil are those ending in and .com. Pay particular attention to domains that do not have these extensions. Criminal websites often use extensions such as .xyz, .ru, .cn, or others.

Is it safe to shop online?

Internet shopping has become an increasingly common habit among Brazilians due to its practicality, economy, and even the variety of options, but one must be alert and careful, especially about the websites one wants to shop from. The trusted website helps you check unknown websites and also lists safe and reliable websites on this page where you can shop without fear and tips to avoid scams.

How do you know if buying from a website is trustworthy?


We have listed 10+ safe and reliable websites where you can shop. Want to buy from another website? So check out the basic points to determine if a website is trustworthy:

Registration time: How long has the site been around? It is extremely important that you check this information and always prefer to buy from sites that have been around for a long time. It is common for scam websites to be created recently and have only been around for a short time.
Reputation: Pay particular attention to other customers’ experiences. Always prefer sites with a good reputation.

Websites such as Reclame Aqui,, and social networks can provide important information about a particular website;
Security Vulnerabilities: In addition to reputation, you should also be aware of possible security flaws that could put your personal information at risk.

The presence of SSL or HTTPS is now a minimum requirements, but they alone do not guarantee the reliability of a website. Check all information about the site to determine if it is safe, including antivirus, malware, and phishing blacklists.

How do I avoid online scams?

Always prefer to buy from popular and reputable websites.
Is it too cheap? Keep your eyes open! If a website advertises a product at a price that is significantly below average, you should be suspicious;
Beware of cloned websites. Make sure the URL is actually from the store’s official website.
Avoid buying through social media profiles. Fraud often occurs through these channels.
Ask people you know who have experience buying online. Feel free to share and ask.
Beware of mental triggers. Texts like “last units”, “you have 10 minutes”, and “500 people have already bought” are techniques that can rush you to buy, which is very common on fraudulent websites.
Credit Card: In general, fraudulent websites will always try to get you to pay via direct debit, Pix, or bank transfer as these are more difficult payment methods for a possible refund. In this sense, credit cards offer more security.
Are applications reliable to buy?
Yes. Official apps from well-known stores are safe and reliable. Go to the official website of the store through our page and if you want, you can download the app to buy it there.

Did you get confused? Don’t know how to check all this information on the website? Take the test on the trusted website, paste the link or URL of the store you want to buy from, and read more about the website.

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What to do if the website LIGHT-NOVELPUB.COM is not available?
If LIGHT-NOVELPUB.COM is working but you cannot access the site or its page, try one of the possible solutions:

Browser cache.
To clear the cache and get the current version of the page, refresh the page in the browser with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F5.

Access to the website is blocked.
Delete your browser’s cookies and change your computer’s IP address.

Antivirus and firewall. Make sure that antivirus software (McAfee, Kaspersky Antivirus, or an analog) or a firewall installed on your computer does not block access to LIGHT-NOVELPUB.COM.

DNS cache.


Clear the DNS cache on your computer and try to access the website again.
See the instructional video ↓

VPN and alternative DNS services.
VPN: for example NordVPN;
Alternative DNS: OpenDNS or Google Public DNS.

Browser plugins.
For example, the AdBlock extension can block the content of a website along with advertisements.
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